Karin Kreutzer, MAS (55)

Founder, CEO, startup investor/business angelina, communication expert

Since 2015 active in the startup scene: investor, business angel, member of the investor advisory board of calm/storm ventures and member of the aws Gründungsfonds II investment committee, Until 2023 board member of the Austrian Angel Investor Association (aaia)  and active member in the founding of invest.austria in Q1 2023. Co-creator of the Legal Tech Hub Vienna/Europe (LTHVE); 30 years of joyful commitment to communication management (PR, advertising, coaching) and. Prior to that many years in leading functions in large and medium-sized companies (Aral, Grundig, Generali), since 2002 self-employed (until 2017 owner and CEO of the pr agency konzept pr);

Master of Advanced Studies (PR), certified business coach, certified advertising consultant/intermediary; economic training (commercial academy, Vienna University of Business); graduate of the digital disruption course of the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

addicted to reading, thrilled by thirst to knowledge and enjoyment of creation

aaia award 2016 – Virgin Angel; BAND Business Angel Award 2017 – nomination Golden Aurora; investorinnen.com Special Award 2019; Austrian Business Angel Investorin of the year 2021

aws i2business angels, club1031 (vormals gruppe1031; board member 2005-2009); invest.austria (vormals aaia; board member 2021 – 2023), investorinnen.com; pma

Author of several publications – regular publications in the economic journal a3co

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